Jordan and Cecilia have been married for 8 years (2009). They have 2 boys: Gabriel James who is 3 (b. 2014); and Michael Wesley who is 1 (b. 2016).
Jordan was born in Montreal (b. 1980), and has lived in a few places across Canada (Kamloops BC, Peterborough, and Kingston, ON). Jordan is of Irish, Scottish, German, and English
descent. Prior to entering ministry in 2009, Jordan spent 10 years in sales and customer service and held a management position in a major Canadian telecommunications company. Jordan’s home church is Evangel Pentecostal in Montreal, where his Pastors were Rev. Don Mann and David Mills. Cecilia was born in Hong Kong (b. 1978), and moved to Montreal with her family when she was
12 years old. Cecilia is half Filipino and half French. She is fluent in French, English, and Spanish, and prior to being a full-time stay-at-home mom, was a French public school teacher in
the French system. Additionally, Cecilia completed Bible-College (CFNI - Dallas) and previously held ordination credentials with FMC in the US. Cecilia’s home church in Montreal was Bethel
Pentecostal, where her Pastors were Lorne, and Chad Fisher.
Both Jordan and Cecilia have a great passion for mentoring young people and have seen God do some amazing transformations.
Feel free to contact Jordan by email: jordan@spcfamily.ca or by phone: 647-535-3301